To The Momma Who Needs To Know:

It doesn’t matter how you became a mom, it only matters that you are one. 

I know from experience that being a momma can hurt, like deeply hurt. I also know that it can heal. 

Being a mom is the most beautiful gift. 

A gift that requires a substantial amount of time, sacrifice, love and most of all, courage. 
If you have had a miscarriage: you are a mom! Don’t let anyone else invalidate that. 

 You carried a precious life (It doesn’t matter for how long) and that baby will always be perfect. You may have heard a number of crazy things, but each child matters. Another child will not take the place of the one you lost. But there is hope of mothering even if you cannot physically bear a child. Or maybe you can. I want you to know that you are not a failure. I thought I was, but sometimes these things happen and there is no explanation. You could’ve done nothing to prevent it. You are simply a momma who has a perfect baby waiting for you in heaven. 

If you’ve adopted, then you are an amazing and committed momma. You know that love can be just as thick as blood and that your child is one hundred percent your child. They didn’t have to be born of you to be the little love of your life. They may have special challenges, but you’ve learned (or are still learning) to adapt and love them the way that they need it. You have given up an incredible amount of time and patience to ensure security to your adopted child. 

If you’ve fostered, then you are a mom. A mom who has chosen to open up your home and heart to a child or many who otherwise wouldn’t have one. You’ve loved them through their darkest days and you’ve given them a gift that will last a lifetime. Those babies, children, and teenagers will never forget you. No matter how long they were in your home, they will always be in your heart. Fostering is a gift. Many people will tell you how lucky a child is to have you, but what they don’t know is that you are the blessed one. Those children are extremely precious and touch the heart in a unique way. 

If you’ve birthed a child, then you know the sacrifice you physically made to bring your child into the world. You endured the pregnancy and having to use the restroom six times throughout the night. You made it through the contractions that you can’t even put into words, and you pushed (literally) through the birth. Yet, we all know that is only the beginning of the sacrifice made to raise a child. Your whole world changes when you become a momma. It isn’t about you anymore. It becomes about wanting the best for your littles, because your littles will eventually become big and have littles of their own.

If you didn’t get it already: 

It doesn’t matter how you become a mom, it only matters that you are one. 

I want you to know that you matter. 

I want you to know that you are doing better than you think you are. 

We live in a very broken world and every time we choose to love and teach a child, the world becomes a little less broken. 

I know that today some of you, (including me) are hurting because you’ve lost a child. But no matter what you face, you are not alone. If you want, I encourage you to leave a piece of your story in the comments to encourage another momma. 

I am a momma of six by various means, but only one lives with me today. 

One by birth.

Two were miscarried.

Three I fostered, but loved as my own. 

My momma heart hurts. But it is also filled with a love and a joy I would’ve never known without these six.

They hold an incredibly special place in my heart. Equally. 

I pray that you know that you are a momma who is beautiful and loved by a God who knows the desires of your heart. 

You are not a failure.

You are not forgotten.

Keep the courage. 

You are an overcomer.

Prince Parker is 4 Months!

You guys, Parker is starting to look like a little boy and not just a baby anymore. It’s bittersweet. 

My momma heart is exploding with how handsome he’s becoming. Yesterday his pediatrician said he has hazel eyes! I’m so jealous haha. 

Can we talk about how adorable this outfit this though? 
I absolutely love this plaid deer onesie from  EmieLou Boutique

All the heart eyes for this paired with H&M Baby corduroy pants with suspenders and little boots! 

Parker also has the same onesie with a plaid bear on it!  

He’s like, “mom, why did you take off my pants?” And I’m over here taking pictures like, “little dude, have you seen your chunky legs? They are so cute!”

Happy 4 Months to my little prince, Parker Joel. 

The only not so fun thing is that he just hit the teething stage. 

What do you mama’s do to soothe your teething baby? 

I need sleep and he needs comfort. 

Thanks for the advice in advance and for joining me watching my little one grow up. 

Courage, Dear Heart

“Courage, dear heart.” – C.S Lewis

Maybe an immense trial is raging like a fire throughout a parched land, a land once called peace and surety. 

Perhaps the weight of a life-altering decision lies heavily upon your two fragile, shaky palms.  

Even when the right choice is known, it can be extemely difficult to make. For once a decision is made, it cannot be undone. The permancy of a choice leaves a feeling of vulnerability and the lingering question of, “what if?” 

That is when courage is needed, it is vital for moving forward.

Courage is the force that enables us to take the first step and that first step creates momentum to keep going. 

The path is taken one step at a time, remember that. 

We don’t have to know the big picture. We don’t have to know the exact directions down the road. We only need courage to help us take that initial step and for our little feet to follow along after that. 

Everything will come together in time, it doesn’t all happen at once. It doesn’t need to work that way. Take it day by day, step by step, brick by brick. The road was never meant to be easy or to be well mapped out before deciding to bear through the journey. 

It was meant to be faced with courage of heart, conviction of the soul, and with a deep trust in the one who is paving the way. 

It’s courage that got me in and its courage that will lead me through. 

Prince Parker is 3 Months!

My sweet boy is theee months old. Where has the time gone?! 
I was going to actually put these clothes on him, but c’mon, babies in diapers are pretty adorable. Especially if it’s one of the stylish Honest Company diapers. They are my absolute favorite! 

Mamas, what are some of your favorite baby items or go to companies?

 I love all natural products, so hit me up with some advice and goodies. 

Is The Value of Their Soul Worth My Pride?

Is the value of their soul worth the laying down of my pride?

Jesus wasn’t worried about what people thought about him or even what they accused him of.

He only cared about binding the wounds of the broken hearts and shattered souls.

He feasted with the hungry and gave of himself to the lonely. He spent precious time of his earthly life among sinners and outcasts because he knew that’s where he was needed most.

Aren’t we called to be like God and to live in the way that he lived? If he came to give his time, his life and his reputation to the sick and the sinner, then how should we give our lives?

He was not embarrassed to be seen with, and to recline with many tax collectors and sinners. Therefore, we should not be embarrassed of those who we are called to lay down our pride for.

For me, it is my children, they have embarrassed me more than I could dream up.  They need love, they need affection, they need stability and they need parents who will take them as they are and fight for their needs. Is the value of their lives and their souls worth the laying down of my pride? Yes it is. A million times over, yes! They have caused me embarrassment (what kids don’t?), but more than that they have brought me joy and taught me what truly matters in life.

On many occasions, I have wished I could wear a shirt that says “they are foster children” so people wouldn’t judge me and blame me for their misbehavior. There have been too many times I’ve almost been kicked out of Hobby Lobby or been given dirty looks by people who can’t believe how “bad” of a parent I am.

It is incredibly ugly that my heart and pride would think that, but it’s the truth and I still must fight my pride each day.
I constantly have to remind myself to follow the example of Jesus.

He embraced those whom the world rejected. When questioned about those he placed around him, he didn’t make excuses, he spoke from a place of wisdom and authority.

“But when he heard it, he said, “ Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. Go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.’ For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Matthew 9:12)

He heard what others were saying, yet Jesus knew the cost of his reputation was worth the saving of the needy. He loved him with a love that covered over insignificant things like what others thought about him.

Lord forgive me for every time I was more concerned about the thought others have had about my  parenting than what I knew my children needed from me. I am sorry that I was embarrassed, when I should have been honored.  I never need my pride anyway, so it is a double-blessing what you have done in my life. I pray that as you take what I never needed, and trade it for something meaningful that I would see what truly matters and live out of that place. May my actions and thoughts reflect yours, God. Thank you for the blessings of my children, for they have taught me many lessons and have showed me how to truly love as you do.

Where is your feasting table? Who are your people? Go and love them well. 

A Prayer for the Broken

I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you. Again I will build you, and you shall be built.

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭31:3-4‬

If you are in a season of brokenness, pray this prayer. Let it be the raw beginning of your healing process. Let the Lord begin to build you again.  ‭

Dear Lord, thank you for being a God of restoration.

You are a Father who draws us to yourself, a perfect God who is slow to anger and abounding in love. (Psalm 103:8)

I live in a very broken world, full of real hurts and seasons of loneliness.

Lord, as I surrender my brokenness to you, would you meet me where I am and clothe me with your affections.

It is in your Perfect love that all fear is cast out. (1 John 4:18)

You declare, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” (Jeremiah. 31:3)

This is not a love that must be earned. I do not have to be “good enough” for you to bestow your love and acceptance upon me. You love me because I am yours. You love me because I am apart of you, crafted in your image. You call me beloved child. You are a father to the fatherless, a savior to the sinner, a comforter to the brokenhearted, you are a lover to the unloved, and you are hope to the hopeless.

You are the source of all restoration, the only hope for humanity.

Daddy, I surrender to you humbly, yet boldly. Deliver me from my fears; heal my deep wounds, restore my joy, cover me in your peace, and be exactly what I need.

You are just that, the only one I need.

Here is my brokenness. I place it at your feet, oh Lord.  It is messy, but honest.

Thank you for your perfect, healing, cleansing love; your everlasting love.



Today Things Change

Today things change. 

Today I will live a life worth living. 

I will not be lazy.

I will give my all in everything I do, 

even if I’m the only one who will know. 

I will push myself: 

Mentally- to have a strong mind that knows I can do what I think I can.

Physically- to have a strong body that shows I can do what I think I can. 

Spiritually- to have a strong sense of morality to live how I know I can. 

I will be an example of excellence:

No cut corners, nothing left undone. 

I am capable because I daily renew my mind.

What I think matters because it determines what I do. 

What I do matters because it determines who I am. 

Who I am matters, therefore I will remember that my small, daily decisions produce the large outcomes of my life. 

Today things change. 

– Kimberly Liette 

Bringing Home Baby

The first day of little Parker Joel’s life. Daddy holding you- he’s so in love 

The moment I had been awaiting- meeting you for the first time.You were more perfect than I ever imagined. You’re all ready to go home in your car seat . We made it home together- you’re never gonna leave these arms. Unless it’s because your in daddy’s arms. We love you so so so much. You’re an answered prayer. 


Dreaming of our prince Parker

Our sweet baby boy is almost two months old now (what?!), but before we met him, we were eagerly anticipating his arrival. I’m blessed to be a momma, but also to be Brady Joel’s wife. For without my handsome Brady, Parker would not be. 

Parkerspiritual light 

Joelmessenger of God 

The importance of a name dwells deep into a soul. It’s the essence of who we are. It’s what we are called, everyday by everyone. Words are powerful- God created the magnificent heaven and earth with only his words. In the same way, names are powerful- creating our identity and even our personalities. This I believe. Remember who you are and live it boldly. 

Kimberly Ann 

Photo credit: Blaise Clark 

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