Bringing Home Baby

The first day of little Parker Joel’s life. Daddy holding you- he’s so in love 

The moment I had been awaiting- meeting you for the first time.You were more perfect than I ever imagined. You’re all ready to go home in your car seat . We made it home together- you’re never gonna leave these arms. Unless it’s because your in daddy’s arms. We love you so so so much. You’re an answered prayer. 


Lago de Atitlan // Remembering the Beauty


It is rather incredible for me to think back and know that I used to live here, in this exotic and breath-taking beauty. The various shades of blue of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I laughed here, kayaked here, awoke to this view for what seems now to be not enough amount of time. But it was, oh it was. Some people will never venture to look upon what some world travelers and explorers call the most beautiful lake in the world.

Guatemala was a special place for me; It was a place to reflect, to discover myself. What I found was my deep love for people, all people and the richness of culture and the diversity of life. It is here that I truly started to live.



Volcano at Lake AtitlanLago de AtitlanSan Pedro de Atitlan

New Product Sneak Peek

Handmade KimmayAnn Bag

Handmade Leather Satchel

Handmade Baby Booties

Handmade HalfMoon Kimmayann Bag

Brady and I just got back from our trip to Guatemala on Monday with a bunch of new beauties for you!

I’m still finishing up the shop website, but I couldn’t wait to show you at least a few of the goodies we brought back.

If you like these, which I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t, then you are in for a treat!

I promise the shop will be opening very soon because I’m eager to show off our new line of products.

Thank you for shopping high quality & handmade¬† ūüôā



Hola From An Indigenous Mayan Village

Happy Day, Friend!

Brady and I are sitting in a little cafe here in San Juan, Guatemala. We have been staying out in the middle of nowhere for almost a month at an old retreat center type place.

We are fortunate enough to be around one of the most beautiful lakes in the world: Lago De Atitlan.


There are three volcanoes located around the lake, creating an even more breathtaking view at any time of the day. It’s an hour boat ride to the other side, and all travel from village to village requires way of boat. It is here in these villages that the people dress in traditional Mayan attire and speak the ancient indigenous Mayan language, Tz’utujil.¬†

What a beautiful life they get to live.

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