Have you ever felt stuck in a season where not a lot was going on?

That’s how I had been feeling and it was ridiculously hard. I kept waiting for what was next and I felt like I was meant to do so much more, but yet I did nothing of importance.

Almost a year ago I quit my job.  It was an amazing job, but I just felt as if it was what I needed to do to prepare for the future. My husband also quit his job, took a part time job and started pursuing Real Estate. The transition was rough, but little did we know what exactly we were preparing for.

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Kimberly is wearing the ‘Courage’ Key Necklace from The Giving Keys.

I was starting to get depressed because I’ve always been a social butterfly and now I was working from home with no one around. It was boring, lonely and felt like such a waste of time.

Eventually, Brady bought me the cutest puppy and that helped a little having a friend around. It was also annoying because I had to keep cleaning up after him, if you know what I mean. I left Harlow (our puppy) for the first time when we went on vacation to see Brady’s family and I missed him so much.

When we returned from that vacation, we weren’t prepared to face what was about to happen.

Harlow Liette

Not only did Harlow seem to have grown so much, but our family was about to grow at a much quicker rate then we ever planned.

We got a text asking us if we knew of a home for three sisters, not realizing that this person had a specific home in mind: ours. When they did make that clear, we knew what the answer was. They did not pressure us at all, just thought it would be a good fit. Though it didn’t seem plausible, we said yes and opened our home to three of the most amazing little girls in the world.

With only a two bedroom condo, one car, and a very humble salary, our little home was filled with giggles and tutus.

Tutu 2

We may have been in shock for a few weeks or more trying to adjust to this totally new life, but every worry and every need we had was met by an incredible God and those who were obedient to be His hands and feet to our family.

He is the One who makes the impossible things come to pass at the perfect timing. When we said “Yes” to opening our home, we knew that without God it wasn’t going to work. Yet, we took that huge step of faith and He never let us down.

Not only that, but the past seven months before when I was transitioning into being a stay at home wife and had no idea why, God knew the answer was three precious sisters who needed us, and that we needed them.

Never underestimate that transitional period of your life when you feel as if nothing much is going on. You might just be around the corner from the biggest miracle you’ll ever encounter. When that big thing shows up on your front door one day and you see it as impossible, remember that if God calls you to it, He will make a way for it to happen.


I was absolutely terrified when that “yes” left my mouth (actually my thumbs since I was texting). I cried for a week when those girls came into my home because I instantly became a mom of three with no prior experience, and I still get nervous that I am not being the best mom I can be. Yet, no matter how uncertain I might be sometimes, the obedience of saying yes is worth it. I wouldn’t change a thing in the world if it meant not having these girls in our home right now.

I don’t know what the future holds, but today is what matters.

I just need to give my very best today. When tomorrow comes, I simply need to do the same thing.

Be courageous and do whatever it is you know you’re meant to do, even if it totally scares you, because once you say yes, you’ll see the miracles and you’ll look back and know it was so worth it.

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Haven’t I commanded you: be strong and courageous? Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9




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