Our family celebrated little Parker’s first birthday this month!

I cannot believe my sweet baby is a walking, gappy teeth toddler.

I have brought this up before, but I absolutely love the “deeper things” in life. One of those deeper things I like to remember is the meaning behind names and words. 
Not only did I love the name Parker, when Brady and I were picking a name for our son, but I absolutely loved that Parker meant “Light”; And that is exactly what he is. There is not one place we go that Parker isn’t the center of attention. People are drawn to him. He always has the biggest grin and loves to wave “hi” at everyone he sees. He laughs, he snuggles, he plays peek-a-boo whether we are trying to play it with him or not. If there has ever been a sweet and joyful child, it is my little boy, Parker. He has been a light to our family and a blessing to this momma heart. He is a cool little dude, you can find him swaying his little body and finding the beat to a song when it comes on. He is crazy about music! I am conviced that he is going to be a drummer. He also loved this cupcake in case you were wondering. Sweet little Parker, if one day you are looking back and reading this, please know that your dadda and I absolutely adore you. You are our answered prayer, our little miracle and our joy baby. You shine so bright and we know that you are and are going to be something special!

Never stop shining, my son.


Momma Bear

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