You guys, Parker is starting to look like a little boy and not just a baby anymore. It’s bittersweet. 

My momma heart is exploding with how handsome he’s becoming. Yesterday his pediatrician said he has hazel eyes! I’m so jealous haha. 

Can we talk about how adorable this outfit this though? 
I absolutely love this plaid deer onesie from  EmieLou Boutique

All the heart eyes for this paired with H&M Baby corduroy pants with suspenders and little boots! 

Parker also has the same onesie with a plaid bear on it!  

He’s like, “mom, why did you take off my pants?” And I’m over here taking pictures like, “little dude, have you seen your chunky legs? They are so cute!”

Happy 4 Months to my little prince, Parker Joel. 

The only not so fun thing is that he just hit the teething stage. 

What do you mama’s do to soothe your teething baby? 

I need sleep and he needs comfort. 

Thanks for the advice in advance and for joining me watching my little one grow up. 

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